Scomber scombrus

The mackerel from Nils Sperre are wild caught in the cold, pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic mackerel is known for its high fat content, distinctive flavour, and versatility in cooking, and is a good source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D.

The Atlantic mackerel, also known as Scomber scombrus, is a small, pelagic fish that belongs to the family Scombridae. Atlantic mackerel are known for their distinctive markings, which include blue-green backs with dark wavy stripes, silver sides, and white bellies.

Our products of mackerel include:

  • Whole round frozen (W/R)
  • Flaps
  • Fillets
  • Individual quick frozen (IQF) fillets


Premium catch period: August - February
Fishing area: Northeast Atlantic - FAO 27
Fishing method: Purse seine, trawl

Cartons delivery and available sizes of round frozen mackerel:

  • 10 kg - Hand laid - 600+ gr
  • 10 kg - 400-600 gr
  • 20 kg - All sizes


10 kg
20 kg



Mackerel from the cold North Atlantic Ocean


Mackerel fillets